Sport activities

 We offer you outstanding conditions for sport activities in our hotel and its surroundings. You can exercise in our professionally equipped fitness center, go hiking around the White Carpathians on your own or accompanied by a professional guide. You may also borrow a bicycle and enjoy the views of the wooded hills, borrow walking poles and try Nordic walking with a trained guide in the surroundings, pretend to be soldiers for a while and try a game with laser rifles, enjoy a ride in a horse drawn carriage or visit a local ecological farm. Children especially will appreciate spending time with live animals. In the winter there are cross country tracks of various difficulties prepared for you. You can also try one of three slopes in the nearby Mikulčin Vrch area.


You can find the billiar on the second floor.

Fitness centre

The fitness centre is situated on the first basement floor and is free of charge for hotel guests. Modern equipped fitness room provides vibrafon platform, treadmills, exercise bikes, multi gym, benches etc


Skiing resort Mikulčin Vrch can be found only about 12 km from the hotel and is located in northeast part of the White Carpathians with altitude of 799 m. Starting in the middle of December through the middle of March there are usually great skiing conditions. There are three slopes in this skiing resort:
Myšáčka I – for advanced skiers – (old slope)
Myšáčka II – for advanced skiers – (new slope)
Lopata I + II – easy slope ideal for for families with children, beginners or also advanced skiers (The extended part of Lopata II is equipped with snow makers and lighting for evening skiing + ski-lift for kids)

The slopes are regularly maintained by two snow cats. Four lifts are available in this ski resort.

Cross country skiing

There are several trails for cross-country skiing which are 3 – 10 km long, along the trails there are visible coloured marks so that you do not get lost.

Nordic Walking

We offer you the possibility to hike with a professional coach and we will lend poles for hiking. Nordic walking is walking with special sticks, which brings an effective movement and an increase of physical condition regardless of your age, sex, or physical condition. It is intended for men and women who like sport and being in nature and want to improve their physical condition. Nordic Walking is an ideal activity for weight reduction, problems with backache and posture. 


In the cooperation with CBA o.s. we also offer you:

Rental of military equipment for laser game
  • The system is 100% safe, it is not necessary to use protective clothes
  • A hit is detected by sensors and the person is alerted by a slight shock
  • It is possible to play at any time or at any place
  • 10 guns are available for rent
  • The game is intended for children older than 12 years
  • Several game strategies are available ( the battle of flags, rescue of hostages etc.) and it is possible to use natural as well as adjusted surroundings such as Lokov base
  • Possibility to rent PMR walkie-talkies, military technologies etc. to make your game more adventurous
  • The game usually lasts 2 – 3 hours

"Day in barracks"
We offer an all-day programme for children, youth and adults during which they can get to know what the life in barracks was like (convenient especially for company clientele at relaxing or teambuilding occasions)

Programme simulates everyday life in barracks from the morning alarm until the night time. Everyday duties from making the beds, tiding, a morning exercise, counting of men as well as practice of various military trainings like loading, testing of machine rifles and practice of survival strategies with use of the latest technologies (laser game).

You can participate for one or two days worth of activities according to your demand, you can choose from the easy version (for children or relax occasions), middle (teambuilding) or difficult level (training of survivals)

Part of the programme is also presenting current battle technology (armoured carrier)

One day version: programme just for one day, minimum number of 5 person
Two day version: minium 10 person

Sport activities
For free-time activities it is possible to use facilities that are situated in the area (military hurdle track, asphalt sports ground, volleyball pit).

Horse carriage ride

Don't miss a romantic carriage ride.

Ecological farm visit

Visit one of local ecological farms and get to know how life on the farm looks like. Especially children will be enthusiastic about animals and you can either purchase or try some bio products.

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