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26km from the Žítková village. One of the most beautiful spa towns is situated in the valley of the Olšava river in the White Carpathians protected landscape area. The history of this place is connected with the 300 year old tradition of spa treatment. We can find there 17 natural springs used as a rejuvinating drink as well as for tub baths. Medical treatments follow an individually compiled treatment schedule, consisting of a rejuvenating drink, balneotherapy and physiotherapy, the movement therapy and an individual dietary programme. An architect Dušan Jurkovič made a unique collection of charming Art Noveau spa houses inspired by folk architecture.
The Luhačovice Spa offers its guests also an extensive cultural and social life, including music festivals, performances at the Spa Theatre or colonnade concerts.


11km from Žítková village. A small city is situated east from Uherský Brod near the Slovakian border at foothills of the White Carpathians. It extends in the valley of Olšava river, at its junction with Koménská river. The surrounding landscape is hilly and deeply forested. The dominating feature over the town is chateau Nový Světlov. There is a museum and a park from the first half of the 19th century in the precinct of the chateau. In the town centre you can also see church of St. Vavřínec with a baroque organ, the tomb of countess and Tetaurky- hexagonal chapels dating from 2nd half of the 16th century.

Natural park Prakšická Vrchovina

30 kilometres from Žítková region. On the right shore of the river Olšava between Uherský Brod and Uherské Hradiště, there is territory which is especially known for being a habitat for many thermophile animals. Natural reserve Rovná hora, Vrchové-Chráste and natural patrimony Terasy-Vinohradné are both known for protected species of butterflies. You can see veined blue, swallowtail and endangered rear horse varieties there.

Buchlov castle

55km from Žítková. One of the oldest and most monumental king castles in south Moravia belongs to the most significant Czech monuments of early Gothic style. It was founded in the first half of the 13th century as a strategic fortress as it was rebuilt and enlarged many times. Thanks to the last owners of Buchlov castle, the Berchtold family, a museum that visitors can admire to this day was established in the castle. In the historically valuable interiers there are scientific and egyptologic collections, library and a gallerie of modern art. In the vicinity of the castle there is St. Barbara Chapel from 1673, which serves as the family burial.

Buchlovice chateau

50km from Žítková. The construction in Italian Baroque style, was build at the turn of 17th and 18th centuries and is a real jewel of moravian architecture. Buchlovice chateau is a masterpiece of baroque style, all kinds of arts are represented on grounds of the chateau- architecture, sculpture, painting, craft, horticulture. Behind an italian terraced garden, which is accessible from the ground floor of the chateau, there is an english park with a number of scarce exotic trees and shrubs. The Chateau wine celler also lures visitors to sample or buy from a wide variety.


48km from Žítková. This Slavonian municipality is one of the most significant places of pilgrimage in the republic and is tied to the tradition of Cyril and Methodius- two Greek brothers born in the 9th century, who became missionaries of Christianity among the Slavic peoples of Great Moravia. Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs, for which they received the title "Apostles to the Slavs". They are credited with devising the first alphabet used to transcribe the Old Church Slavonic language. In 1205 the first Cistercian monastery in Moravia was founded here and was named after the near-by settlement Veligrad. Carved baroque pews, a number of paintings, precious gifts from pilgrims from all over Europe and especially organs from 18th century are real artistic jewels. A part of the precinct include underground catacombs and stone collections with foundations of former sanctuary.

Open-air archeological museum in Modrá

48km from Žítková. It is a noteworthy place that gives us a vivid picture of one of the most important periods of our national history. Great Moravian fortified village in Modrá grants you an opportunity to gaze at a Slavic settlement from the times of Great Moravia. There is a palisaded fortification with a gated entrance and watchtowers which leads to the administrative, commercial and military centre of the settlement. You can see here illustrations of the everyday life of our ancestors.

Zoo Zlín

55km from Žítková. The zoological garden is placed in a historical park with more than 1.140 species of trees and ornamental greenery. The original feature of the Zoo is the gardens' division into sections according to individual continents. So, in one day, you may trek through Africa, travel through Asia, Australia and South America and you, as visitors, can get acquainted with 210 species of animals. A tropical hall showing fauna, flora and Mayan civilization of the Yucatan peninsula is one of the dominating features. Charming atmosphere of the Zoo is completed by Lešná Art Nouveau chateau which was built in 1887 - 1894. It takes pride for its unique wooden craftwork of the interiors and vast collections of oriental articles. Most of the craftworks were carried out by renowned Vienna companies. In the area of Zoo you can find several restaurants, a childrens corner, and there is it is possible to ride a horse and go on circular tour in a mintrain.

Baťa Canal

55km from Žítková. For enthusiasts of active recreation there is a water canal that extends more than 50 kilometres passing through pictoresque landscape. It is a remnant of a unique hydro-engineering project commisioned by world renowned industrialist Antonin Baťa who comes from a near-by city Zlín. In any of eights ports along the canel it is possible to rent a canoe, motor-boat or houseboat for a short outing or for a several-day trip. Less adventurous individuals can embark on a regular tourist boat. Cyclists and roller-bladers will certainly appreciate the trail alongside the water canal. For adrenaline sport enthusiasts there is possibility of a hot air balloon flight or a tandem skydive jump which starts from near-by small airport in Kunovice.

Lookout tower Lopeník

15km from Žítková village. This 22 meter-high oak structure is erected directly on the Moravia-Slovakian border as a symbol of reciprocal friendship of both nations. After managing 101 steps, you can admire a wonderful view of the town Uherský Brod in the north, in the south-west a big part of the White Carpathians and its biggest peak Velká Javořina and the town Nové Mesto nad Váhom on Slovakian part.
Look-out tower Lhotka - 26km from the Žítková village. You can find a transmitter Lhotka on the north edge of Lhotka village, under the hill Kamenná, between Uherské Hradiště and Uherský Brod. This transmitter with sightseeing stance is 35 meters high and is made of steel. You can see ranges of the White Carpathians. The structure of the staircase is assured.


30km from Žítková village. This village well known for its folk costumes, traditions and architecture is considered a pearl of this region. There are 41 preserved buildings in this village and wine-growing has a long tradition there. It was mentioned for the first time as early as the 14th century. On a hill beyond the village, there is a state-protected historic complex of wine cellars called Búdy accompanied with a wine chapel from the 18th century. It is the biggest listed viniculture monument building in the Czech Republic.

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