Our hotel guests can use the wellness center from 07:00 to 21:00. Each guest room has a bathrobe and slippers hotel, so do not use the dressing room in wellness, but goes in a bathrobe directly from your room to the elevator that he ride in the first underground floor, where it is located wellness.

For the public, the wellness center is open from 10:00 to 21:00. We recommend you to check availability by telephone at the front desk (tel: +420 572 631 663 or +420 724 942 130)

Will be available to you

Relaxation pool

Indoor pool with dimensions of 2.3 x 4.6 meters and a depth of 140 cm. Temperature 30oC.


Pleasant water application in water at 37 ° C. Whirpool helps to improve blood circulation in the limbs, activates skin receptors and releases muscle and joint stiffness. It therefore has a therapeutic, relaxing and restorative effect.

Relaxing winter garden

Glassed rest area with sun loungers by the pool and overlooking the beautiful landscape of the White Carpathians.


It is essential hyperthermic procedure. It is intended for healthy individuals, they act preventively and as hardening. Body temperature rise reduces heat output skin and lungs. If the ambient temperature exceeds body temperature, the only way cooling sweating. By both increasing skin circulation, the human body easily adapts to the ambient temperature. The main aim of the sauna is an immediate rise in body temperature and affect reflexes, hormonal and vascular system, which helps heat loss.

Kneipp path

Kneipp trail is one of the hydrotherapy treatments, which appeared Sebastian Kneipp - German Catholic priest and a natural healer living in the 19th century. Kneipp zone consists of two separate streams with pebbles. In one stream water is about 42 ° C, in the second water at 10 ° C. Host first passes in the hot water for about one minute, and then about 5 seconds passes cold water tank. This cycle is repeated several times. The last movement should be in cold water followed by wiping feet dry. Browsing water at different temperatures leads to acceleration of tissue metabolism and overall hardening. Pebbles underwater massage feet and together with water, emit ankles and joints of the feet. Therapy helps with headaches and cold feet syndrome, positively affects blood circulation and blood flow to the extremities, leading to an overall hardening of the organism.


In our modern fitness machines you can use a vibrating platform, treadmill, exercise bike, multifunctional fitness machine, weight bench with weights and more ....

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